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  • Sculpture Chocolate Game by F PARADISE
    Sculpture Chocolate Game by F PA

    One of Fools Paradise’s calling cards is the mashup, namely blending multiple pop culture threads into a single, unexpected new riff. Their just-announced Chocolate Game vinyl art toys showcase the approach with three key inspirations starting with the primary Doraemon connection. Giant Nouda (13.5″) and Nobita (12″) mix in a bit of cosplay here with the...

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  • Sculpture BTTFOOL by F PARADISE
    Sculpture BTTFOOL by F PARADISE

    BTTFOOL is Fools Paradise latest pop-culture mash-up. The new vinyl release is a clever mix of Back To The Future and Dragon Ball-Z. In addition to the Marty and Doc Brown relationship, BTTFools also plays with the fact that the ‘future’ versions of Trunks (Marty) and Vegeta (Doc Brown) are in fact, father and son. The other clever aspect of this design...

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  • Sculpture LEGEND // SEVEN David Beckham by F PARADISE
    Sculpture LEGEND // SEVEN David

    Imagine if Man United still had Beckham, they might not be in the dark place where they are situated right now. Possibly based upon our own 6-pack or more likely Becks body is Fools Paradise homage to Beck’s the LEGEND SEVEN! United fan or Beckham fan check out the finer details that Fools Paradise has in place. size: 14" - 35cm limited edition: 498...

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  • Sculpture LEGEND Kobe Bryant by F PARADISE
    Sculpture LEGEND Kobe Bryant by

    Fools Paradise’s new Legend // EightTwoFour set celebrates the career of the late Kobe Bryant with a pair of 1/6 scale figures. Clad in a road jersey, ‘Eight’ honors the early days of the Black Mamba. Rocking a home jersey, ‘TwentyFour’ pays homage to the second half of the NBA legend’s career with shaved head instead of the afro and true-to-life...

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  • Sculpture Super Fiction Dance Scene by F PARADISE
    Sculpture Super Fiction Dance Sc

    Super Fiction is the latest pop culture mashup/riff from Fools Paradise. The new vinyl set recasts Mario and Princess Peach into the memorable dance scene from Quentin Tarantino’s arguably signature film. size: 15" - 37cm limited edition: 498 piecesFREE SHIPPING FRANCE(Save 20% for non EU costumers, create an account and enter an address to see your...

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