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  • Sculpture Camden Maid by Brandalised x Banksy
    Sculpture Camden Maid by Brandal

    Have a secret you need to hide? A problem that needs ignoring? Questionable browser history? Or simply just want to sweep a bad year away? Camden Maid by Brandalised is here to help! Whatever secrets you have, she’ll sweep them into the all where no one will find them. She’s the go-to and the most trusted when it comes to hiding secrets. The detailed...

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  • Sculpture PatRIOT (The Legacy) by Abell Octovan
    PatRIOT (The Legacy) by Abell Oc

    From the mind that brought us bold statement pieces such as Anti-Supremacy and The Beauty of Rebellion, comes patRIOT (The Legacy) by Abell Octovan. Inspired by classic Greek sculptures, patRIOT features perfect curls, contrapposto, and a buttery smooth marble-like effect. Crafted using the premium polystone, the perennial patRIOT will leave you pondering...

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  • Sculpture Inked Stories Eve Featuring JPK
    Sculpture Inked Stories Eve Feat

    In the middle of a garden stands a tree bearing the juiciest fruit in all of the world. A serpent slithers towards a woman, wrapping around her and whispering of deceit. She saw that the fruit was good to eat and pleasing to look at, so she took some of the fruit and ate it. The Fall of Man gets a figurative retelling in this collaborative piece by JPK...

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  • Sculpture Garfield (OG) by XXRAY
    Sculpture Garfield (OG) by XXRAY

    I hate Mondays!Our favorite orange tabby cat gets the XXRAY treatment, introducing the XXRAY Plus Garfield! One of the most recognizable characters in pop culture, the lazy orange cat has enamored the world with his sarcastic attitude towards life. Dissected in Jason Freeny's iconic dissection style, Garfield's anatomy comes with a special twist, where...

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  • Sculpture Graffiti Crime by Brandalised x Banksy
    Sculpture Graffiti Crime by Bran

    Introducing the stunning Graffiti Crime by Brandalised! Fuelled by their youth and a sense of rebellion, the detailed 10” polystone art collectible depicts two mischievous boys, one atop the other, pulling a spray can out of a “Graffiti is a Crime” sign. Featuring the stencil-like paintwork you’ve come to love with our Brandalised collaborations, Graffiti...

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  • Sculpture Mermaid's Ruin by ABCNT
    Sculpture Mermaid's Ruin by ABCN

    This is the Mermaid's Ruin, designed by ABCNTMermaid’s Ruin reimagines the story of a mermaid we all know by heart. Expecting a blissful world of beautiful birds and sunshine, the little mermaid's dreams are crushed when she sees that the land of humans is simply not what she had pictured it to be… all that surrounds her is trash and dismal. Sitting in...

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  • Sculpture Happy Ending: The Huntress
    Sculpture Happy Ending: The Hun

    This is The Happy Ending: The Huntress by MJWho's afraid of the big bad wolf? She's always been more of a cat person anyway...Wielding a sharp axe and showing off her latest trophy, The Huntress doesn’t need a lumberjack to save her.Designed in house, the piece highlights the beauty of The Huntress while leaving no doubts about her tough attitude. This...

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  • Sculpture Donut Bomber by Ndikol
    Sculpture Donut Bomber by Ndiko

    This is Donut Bomber by Ndikol x Mighty JaxxYou necessarily know this position, that of a demonstrator ready to throw a blunt object in the face of the police. But since in toy design we prefer love to war, here our revolutionary prefers to throw a full box of donuts to appease the police. This protester strongly reminds us of someone, maybe a serial...

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  • Sculpture Gas Mask Chamber by R Bowyer
    Sculpture Gas Mask Hell Chamber

    This is Gas Mask (Hell Chamber) by Rob Bowyer,Made predominantly of porcelain and boasting an accurate likeness to Rob Bowyer's artwork "I'm Home" comes Gas Mask (Hell Chamber).Gas Mask (Hell Chamber) is a piece of functional art. Featuring high gloss painted porcelain, the incense chamber has a subdued palette and features a removable base for easy...

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  • Sculpture Smiley Mona Lisa by The Chinatown Market
    Sculpture Smiley Mona Lisa by T

    This is the Smiley Mona Lisa by The Chinatown Market.Introducing the first collaboration between Chinatown Market and Mighty Jaxx! The Chinatown Market Smiley Mona Lisa (MJ Edition) is a half-length art toy by leading brands Mighty Jaxx and Chinatown Market. It is considered a masterpiece of 2021, and has been described as "the best, the most unique,...

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  • Sculpture Crayon Shooter Gold by Brandalised x Banksy
    Sculpture Crayon Shooter Gold by

    This is the Crayon Shooter (LA Gold Edition) by Brandalised x Banksy Brandalised returns with the incredible Crayon Shooter in a stunning second colourway.Standing 10" tall, the polystone art collectible features a young boy holding a loaded crayon machine gun as he stands innocently among doodled flowers. The Crayon Shooter by Brandalised x Banksy is a...

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  • Sculpture Elmo Woodworked by Jason Freeny
    Sculpture Elmo Woodworked by Jas

    This is Elmo (Woodworked) by Jason Freeny The popular XXRAY Elmo design is going high-end, making the jump from vinyl to a luxurious all-wood design. The new Woodworked Dissected Elmo from Jason Freeny x Premiumworked combines Black Walnut and White Maple woods to showcase the artist’s split anatomical version of the beloved Sesame Street character....

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  • Sculpture Spongebob Squarepants by Jason Freeny
    Sculpture Spongebob Squarepants

    This is Spongebob Squarepants by Jason Freeny,It's Spongebob like you've never seen before!The beloved pop culture icon rides the Patty Wagon out of Bikini Bottom and into Mighty Jaxx! Debuting with a brand new style, the XXPOSED Spongebob Squarepants features an intricate cross-section dissection. Made from premium polystone, Spongebob sits 6" tall and...

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  • Sculpture Grin by Ron English x Jeff Staple
    Sculpture Grin by Ron English x

    This is the Mono edition of the Grin Pigeon figure designed by Ron English x Jeff Staple  We are back with Staple Design and Ron English. The American pop iconoclast popularised by his signature fusion of varying cultural touchstones features themes from current pop icons to past historical art figures. English once again lends us a touch of his signature...

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  • Sculpture Zen Plant by Mister Tucks
    Sculpture Zen Plant by Mister Tu

    This is the original version of the Zen Plant figure by Mister Tucks x Mighty Jaxx The Handplant has been one of the most iconic and stylish tricks in skateboarding since the late 80s. To commemorate this trick and the early days of skateboarding, Temple of Skate teams up with Mighty Jaxx to bring you the Zen Plant. Undisturbed by wind or sound, the monk...

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  • Sculpture Anarchy Rat by Brandalised x Banksy [PRE ORDER]
    Sculpture Anarchy Rat by Brandal

    The Anarchy Rat by Brandalised is a pre-order and is estimated to arrive in October 2021 Following the recce done by Radar Rat, Anarchy Rat is here to lead the rat uprising!Anarchy Rat stands on its hind legs, crowbar in hand, standing in front of an obvious anarchy sign. It's fighting for the absolute freedom of the individual.Add Anarchy Rat to your...

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  • Sculpture Game Designer by Daniel YAD [PRE ORDER]
    Game Designer by Daniel YAD

    The Game Designer by Daniel YAD x Mighty Jaxx is a pre-order and is estimated to arrive in the 4th Quarter of 2020 (This date can be a bit off due to the Corona Virus). Please keep in mind when ordering this figure the rest of your order will be held back until the order is complete! This is the Game Designer, designed by Daniel YAD x Mighty JaxxThe...

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