Yoskay Yamamoto

Yoskay Yamamoto

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  • Sculpture Sideways Sunset by Yoskay Yamamoto
    Sculpture Sideways Sunset by Y

    Based on Yoskay Yamamoto’s custom piece from his solo show “Joke’s On Me”, Sideways makes a return this week! This special piece is a piece of art is cast in clear resin, painted with a wash of violet-to-tangerine gradient and finally, finished with a matte frosted glass effect.  Capturing the dream-like state of Yoskay’s works in a beautiful gradient...

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  • Sculpture 7.5" Wish upon Me Sunset by Yoskay Yamamoto
    Sculpture 7.5" Wish upon Me Suns

    Close your eyes and make a wish as Wish Upon Me... falls across the beautiful sunset sky. The coveted collectible by Yoskay Yamamoto is back in its second clear resin variant - behold Yoskay Yamamoto's Wish Upon Me... (Sunset)!  The 7" tall art piece is finished in a gorgeous violet-tangerine gradient, mimicking the transcendent state of sunset; finished...

    220,00 €
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